Bits + Bangs

A quick running update: I've still been doing it, it just hasn't been interesting in any way. Due to weather and darkness I've been relegated to the treadmill which is making me happier than I care to admit. I think this is the beginning of a weird genetic mutation, but I am perfectly content and sometimes even happier to run on a machine. I don't run with music when I run outside, so I think that has something to do with it, and I don't have any good wet weather running gear, which is insane considering where I live. Also, I'm not training for anything in particular right now so I don't feel bad taking the dryer path most days. It's been about 5-6 days a week 3-10 miles each time, and closer to the the 3 than the 10 most days. 

Speaking of not training, I in fact should be training for a 2 upcoming races. Sunday I have a 5k, but the goal there is to get my out-of-shape dog across the finish line. I'm hoping 3.1 miles at a relaxed and sometimes walking pace isn't going to kill me. A few weeks after that I have a 10k with friends. I'm looking forward to this no matter how many times I forget I'm actually running it, but I've got to get at least a few dedicated training runs in if I hope to run it with my speedy friend. I'm hoping we can pace each other but then I remember I haven't given a shit about pace in a few weeks (1 month today OMG) so that may be a brutal wake up call. In addition to these two that I am legit signed up for, there is another 10k in December that could happen and is on a course that holds my most recent 10k PR (I think). That's just downright terrifying but the time I ran it was 10 degrees F and crispy and sunny and I loved it so if that is anything like what will happen this year I am in. I love running cold, dry, slightly ice crystal coated races, as long as I don't slip. 

Besides running, life has been pretty mellow. Work has been busy this last week or two and aerial has been super fun but still just once a week. I wish I could fit in more review sessions but my sleep and lack of planning seem to be getting in the way lately. Also, I got bangs and they are more work than I'm used to but whatever my face needed a change. Then I took a selfie and I feel weird about it because there really isn't anything in particular I'm looking at over my left shoulder it's just what I thought I was supposed to do. This was 2ish weeks ago and I already need a trim. Happy Hump Day!