Some time in the woods

Time for a recap of the week!

1/5: Tuesday - Aerial 1/2. After 2 weeks off, I was not expecting a great class but it went surprisingly well. I also think I really like all the girls in the class this session too, everyone is super stoked to be circusing and trying hard stuff so I think it will be a good session. 

1/6: Wednesday- Treadmill run. Approx 6 miles, 55 minutes. Pace is still off on the treadmill since it was unplugged a couple weeks ago. At least I know what causes it now, but it doesn't make the transition back to actually reading the correct pace anymore fun. Ugh. 

1/7: Thursday-Rest. Watched Trainwreck with my in-laws. Hilarious. 

1/8: Friday - No run because of a funky knee, but I actually did some YOGA. And it was not just because I didn't run, it's because I wrote it down in my schedule and I did it. My mission to not feel like a robot constantly on the verge of a injury that makes an audible cracking/popping/snapping/grinding noise is on its way. 

1/9: Saturday - TRAIL TIME! 

Here are some pictures after since of course I didn't get any actually on the run. 




That peninsula of forest is where I run and it is beautiful in there, I swear. 


I was feeling a little slow at the beginning, but after I warmed up (it was 39 degrees) I started to feel better. At about halfway through I started playing some mind tricks with myself and just visualizing both legs working equally instead of the off balance shitty weirdness I've been feeling lately on the left side. It seemed to work so maybe this is my new method. It wasn't my fastest run ever, but hills will do that to me. 

Between miles 4 and 5 it became very evident how much difference there is to my legs between up a trail uphill and a flat paved path on the way out of the park. It's becoming a little too obvious how the treadmill is not doing me any elevation favors. That huge timing dip in the first mile is when a nice family asked me for directions to a specific trail. Uh, sorry about that I am absolutely no help when it comes to trail names. 

I have  a hot date with my BFFs and a playoff game to spaz out over tomorrow, but I'd still like to get some miles in. I hope you are having a lovely weekend and that your football team is winning! (Unless they are the Vikings. #gohawks)