This week I was on the bus home and thinking about how I wasn't sure if I could muster up a run or not that night. Work has been pretty tiring lately, a big project that is hopefully wrapping up soon has been a bit taxing and my weekday motivation for running has been waning. I was able to get in an early morning run yesterday for about 4 miles, and a quick Mira Mile after work on Monday, but tonight, Wednesday night, a couple nights last week... The idea of running just ushered me closer to my sweats and bed. 

 What I've been doing instead of running after work. #dogherding

What I've been doing instead of running after work. #dogherding


I was trying to remember what used to power me through previous winter running seasons and busy times at work. How on earth did I get out to run in the rainy dark nights in past Januarys? Then I realized this is the first time I haven't had any race on the calendar whatsoever in a while. I at least usually have a 10k ish a few months down the road or a weekend trail race that I have in mind, but I can actually remember the words coming out of my mouth multiple times "I just signed up for fill-in-the-blank race so I make sure I'm still running until then". It's the reason I signed up for that weird Seahawks 12k in April last year, the reason my BFFs and I signed up for that super cold half in Salem  for 2 straight years and learned what freezing fog was. It turns out that I'm only really motivated by the fear of a starting line. 

So now I'm race shopping on a Friday night with a glass of wine and eating pizza, watching It's Always Sunny reruns. There's a half in May pretty close by, a handful of trail races of varying distances in the next few months, probably some nearby 5ks. I don't think I'll be short on opportunities, so now it's just picking and planning. We're finally coming out of the super dark time here in Seattle so it's not always midnight feeling when I get home from work and I have that sweet new hat anyway. Let's get this party started. 

What motivates you to run in the winter?