New Running Toys!

I just wanted to pop in on the blog to give a shout to my two new running accessories that arrived this week and have proved to be as amazing as I was hoping. First up is my new watch!

Garmin Forerunner 225

I've been eyeing a new GPS watch for a while now, nothing too seriously until Christmas, due to some hiccups my old Forerunner was running into more frequently. During my research there were 2 features that I realized I was really looking for - an accelerometer to help estimate my paces better when running indoors and a heart rate monitor on my wrist instead of a chest strap. Today was my first official run using the 'run' function and it was amazing. (I've been wearing the watch around for a few days now to get used to it.) It took about 5 seconds to find a satellite versus my usual 10 minutes of standing in my front yard trying to look normal to my neighbors. I ran a 7 mile route from my doorstep with some hills and was pleasantly surprised with the readout I could see while running. I wasn't sure if the HR was on so I tried to ignore most of the data until I got home and not get too sucked in. Once I got to my door it beeped at me to notify me it was already syncing with my phone - so cute that they are in love like that. The syncing process has been seamless and is a definite plus I wasn't thinking about when I purchased this watch. No more cords to the computer! I'm utilizing the Garmin app way more with the activity tracking and easy syncing. The watch also vibrates to remind me to get off my butt when I've been sitting for too long and I'm kind of enjoying the step count way more than I expected. 


As far as the accelerometer, I haven't braved it on the treadmill yet. Some reviews I read said it's better to let the watch calibrate to more outdoor runs and learn your stride/step pattern with GPS to get a more accurate readout. For now I'm just using the step counter on treadmill runs and will probably try the HR monitor sometime soon as well. 

Reviewing the data when I got home was so cool you guys. The HR monitor was on and it figures out my stride length and cadence! I am probably going to go absolutely insane knowing that I am measuring all of this stuff on my runs from now on, but it is so fun to compare how I was feeling at certain points in the run to what the numbers say was happening. It's going to have to be more important for me to do some watch-free runs to prevent full on data craziness, but for now it's going to be fun.


About that heart rate though. Turns out I was running a seriously hard run according to my heart rate so I am going to have to really learn how to run easy. And I have a feeling it's going to be slow and frustrating. I'll keep you posted on that new project goes. Also, that second running accessory is a new pair of shoes but I'll wait a few more miles before letting you know if it's real, true love. (It kind of feels like it is)

Do you use a Garmin/GPS watch for most of your runs

What's  your favorite kind of data? 

What's your stride length? I am very curious about this, I have no idea what is considered normal so I'm going to go out and research this now.