Tuesday! Hooray!

Let's just celebrate that it is Tuesday and no longer Monday for second, shall we? Yesterday was not the worst day of my life, but I'm glad we as a universe are moving on. I went to bed promptly at old lady o clock (9pm) after finishing a so-so book. Going to bed that early helped me wake up this morning in time to get in a treadmill run and still have a few minutes to make breakfast before getting on the bus and heading to work. 


1/12: 40 minutes treadmill, easy-ish


I even woke up before my alarm went off and almost reset it out of habit. It wasn't that I was even that tired, I just didn't want to run. I've started keeping my phone/alarm across the room from where I sleep so I absolutely have to remove myself from the blankets to turn it off or snooze it. I'm finding this an annoying way to help ensure that I actually get out of bed in the morning.  

I'm still trying to determine if being a morning runner is what I want to become. It's so early you guys, so so so early. And it means that I have to go to bed so so so early which, not that I do anything cool during the week (ever) late at night, but it kind of bums me out to think about it. Setting a goal for just 2 mornings a week makes that a bit more manageable. Okay, and with that I'm halfway through my weekly goal. Huzzah!

Do you hit snooze or are you up at the first beep?