Lead Legs and Everlast Fuel

Somedays the legs get it and somedays they just don't go. Today was a no-go kind of day. Serious lead legs.


9/8: 3.25 miles, 9:31 avg pace

I came home on a pretty empty stomach due to poorly planned snacks and a meeting that was pushed out to later in the afternoon. I scavenged in the StrideBox for something that was not a gu or chew since I didn't think 3-5 miles merited something I had to bite into. I decided on the Everlast Fuel in the orange color flavor. 


It looked and vaguely tasted like a vitamin Orange Julius. I stupidly didn't really read any of the ingredients or what it was supposed to do, I just saw that it didn't have caffeine so it would probably be suitable for an evening run. 

 Orange Drink meet Orange Countertop

Orange Drink meet Orange Countertop

Like I mentioned earlier my run was less than amazing so we can rule this drink out as a Miracle Wonder Beverage. However, I was pretty low on fuel when I started so I can't expect a 22 calorie powder drink mix to magically make me an olympian. I can only guess how terrible my run could have been without a tiny supplement beforehand. Maybe I would have actually died, you never know. But since it hasn't been evaluated by the FDA we will never know. I still love my StrideBox for all the crazy crap it sends me so I can be a human lab rat for running aids. 

Things to work on this week:

Eating something before leaving work to fuel an afternoon run. 

Some aerial conditioning so I am not totally lame next week after our cancelled class yesterday.

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. 

Asking for a friend:

What's your favorite pre-run food/drink?