5 miles and a Stridebox Delivery!

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I'm watching some storm clouds roll through and am grateful I got out for my run this afternoon when I did. We've been adding on to our fence and I stupidly managed to pull a muscle in my back while pulling roots and digging postholes today. My run afterward was a nice and slow around Seward Park and the surrounding neighborhood. Since deep breathing was impossible with my back in its current state it stayed at a pretty even pace. Oops. It was nice though to run an entire 5 miles without losing my breath and keeping my mouth shut for the majority of it. Trying to breathe only through my nose while running is a habit formed from a combination of something my mom told me when she was running (way before I started) and a random tip someone gave me about hydration. Mom said that when she was able to do her then daily 6 mile loop breathing only through her nose she felt like she was in her best shape. Then a few years ago, a co-worker of mine who used to run on his lunch breaks everyday before retiring, said you lose moisture out of your mouth when you are constantly inhaling and exhaling on long runs. When it's hot and I have a long run to do, I keep that in mind just in case there aren't any water fountains nearby. I'm not sure if either of these things have an ounce of scientific truth to them, but for some reason the habit has stuck. 


9/5: 5.16 miles, 9:13 avg pace

My September Stridebox came today and I immediately dove in. I tried the Go Macro bar after my run (pretty tasty!) and attempted to drink the protein powder while fence building. Big Mistake. Protein powders are not for me unless they are disguised completely in a smoothie of some kind. I need to keep that in mind. Also, this one was marketed as part of a weigh loss plan which I'm always skeptical of, so not such a high rating from me. I took a sip of watery vanilla chalk and dumped the rest. 



Now to Netflix and chill. Lol. 


Does anyone one else try to breathe through their nose?  

What are you up to this weekend?