Treadmill Tempo

Tonight I took the new shoes onto the treadmill. I haven't really done a dedicated tempo run and I'm never totally sure what they are, but I read enough running blogs so I feel like I should know what one is so... here was my attempt. 

9/30: 5 miles, 8:45 avg pace


Mile 1: 6.3mph

Mile 2: 6.7mph

Mile 3: 7mph

Mile 4: 7.5mph

Mile 5: 7.0mph 

My treadmill runs are usually always the same - start at 6.0 and tick up .1 mph per lap or tenth of a mile depending on how ambitious I'm feeling. I usually top out at 7.8-8mph for a tiny sprint and then cool way down. It was nice having a plan going into the run (even though I came up with that plan while walking my warmup) so I didn't have to think about it. I just cued up an episode of Friends for the first 2ish miles and then the new Chvrches album for my faster 3-5. I'm not sure if this was a tempo or just a progression run? Either way it felt good to keep at each pace for a full mile so I could sink into that pace. Not sure if that makes sense, but when I tick up the pace every minute or two, I think I don't settle into a good stride or check my balance and foot strike as well. This way I could really measure what an (approx) 8 minute mile felt like trying to keep everything even, left and right side, and checking my form.

Since publicly shaming my treadmill on the internet it seems to be running more evenly. I'm going to just take her at her word now. I've had her since February and I haven't landed on a good name for her yet. I do know she's a lady, and I gotta treat my lady with respect. I do ask quite a bit of her. I'm thinking Mildred, but we'll have to wait and see. 

Hope you had a good hump day!