Game Day

This week is proving to require more scheduling than expected on the running front. I used to not be able to miss a running day if it was on the schedule, and if I did there was a total meltdown and identity crisis. Now at the other end of the spectrum, I really appreciate being able to visit my dear friend on a weeknight knowing that I can reschedule the run and be FINE, but I sometimes lack the oomph the get the next running going. I can be an all-or-nothing runner (person) so I have to work to not completely throw in the towel because on the week because of a missed run or readjusted schedule. I also have to remember to eat vegetables. Being an adult is hard sometimes. 

Tonight is the last pre-season game for the Seahawks so I need to have a plan coming home from work tonight. In the door, running clothes on, "finding satellites", and off. I'm pretty sure I am changing my run registration from half marathon to 10k for next week considering the last run I did over 6 miles was about 4 months ago, who knows the last time I got near 10. THAT SENTENCE MAKES ME SO SAD. Knowing that I have a race coming up, even though I will not be racing racing, still means I need to get my ducks in a row especially since where I sit on the injury spectrum is very grey and a little achey. Quality sleep, on point nutrition, well thought out runs, and some race day planning are in order. I really don't want to feel like total shit next Sunday. Pretty solid #1 race goal. 

Any tips for going into a race that you haven't really trained for?

Has anyone ever raced The Oatmeal series before? I'm so excited to see how it goes down. PURPLE DRINK!