New Shoes Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday! 

I didn't fuel so great today at work to prep for this run, but I gave it a shot anyway. As usual, I was glad I did. I went on my neighborhood route and was able to hit the track in the sweet spot between school getting out and an adult soccer practice. My legs still felt pretty heavy throughout the whole run, even on the super flat and soft track but I was glad to get in an extra mile between the track's prior commitments. 


9/29: 4.04 miles, 9:07 avg pace

Note the blazing new neon shoes! Last week I checked out a local running store with a mental list of shoes I wanted to try on. These guys were the only ones of my whole list that came in my size (10W), so here they are! This was the first time out, I think I need a few more miles before writing a full review. 


They sure are pretty. These are my first pair of Asics and I'm excited, even if only because they came in the right size. I've been squeezing my feet into M width shoes that are just made with wider toe boxes. My toes had plenty of room to move around in these guys. I didn't add my orthotics and I'm not sure if I'm going to, I kind of want to see how things go without them for a bit.

I came home and fed some pups, stretched, and ate some dinner. My arms a little heavy/sore from aerial yesterday so I made sure to stretch them too. I spent a lot of time sitting at my standing desk today and I think I paid for it during my run. Tomorrow my goal is to stand more, pack enough food for a solid 3pm snack, and attempt some more pull-ups. You?