Aerial 1 Week 2

This week was still a little bit of a cluster as far as whether or not we were going to have class. I was supposed to receive a phone call, didn't, showed up anyway, and was met with a coach who was not aware of the 4 of us extra students who weren't supposed to be in her class. The coach is AWESOME though and we worked out a bit with the level 3 super aerialists until a sub came to give us our own little class. Hopefully next week I'll know whether or not our class is staying together! 

We did a long warm-up as a whole group and then started in on some silk/rope climbs. Our descent on the rope was basic climb, wrapping the rope again around the top of the leg and squeezing our thighs shut. Tip down and let your thighs be the speed control as you slide down! There is some burning, but this is one of a few things in aerial that is easier if you don't have a thigh gap and that for some reason gets brought up a lot. I like aerial because it uses a lot of strength and making gravity work for you, so it lends itself to many body types. Kind of like running where you can't tell who is good at it just by looking at their shape. Anyway, the thigh gap thing is funny to me because every time I have done it, someone mentions it and is like "Man, thigh gaps, amirite??" and I kind of don't know how to answer. "Yup, different distribution of muscle and fat due to genetics, diet, and exercise, amirite???" I always feel weird talking about different peoples bodies. That was a tangent, whoops.

We also worked on some hip balances on the low trapeze from which now I have some awesome pinchy red marks, and body beats to basket on the high trapeze. When we broke off into our own Level 1/2 class we learned wrist locks on the fabric, and Catchers to Peter Pan on the rope but since we were low to the ground I had a hard time feeling what that was supposed to be like. We also did..... ugh, I should have written this down last night when I got home! I know there was more, it will come to me as soon as I hit publish. I didn't have the greatest feeling of accomplishment after this class and I'm not sure why. I wasn't doing awesome at during conditioning at the end with some climb/10 tucks/climb/10 tucks on the rope or this frog leg straddle up crunch thing on the silks. Oh and the trapeze was a total shitshow. I was having a hard time visualizing and then remembering anything we were supposed to be doing. Some balance to Catchers to beats to Pistons?

My memory has been one of my biggest annoyances in aerial. I wish I could watch, do, do again, perfect. It's more like watch, do the first part, blank, wait, sweat, coach walks me through it, I fumble through it and then it's taken so long I feel like I have to let someone else try. Hopefully this will get better with time though. It's kind of why I like running though, less to remember. 

How was your Monday? 

How's your memory?