Dog Running

After getting my run done early yesterday, I did the usual work thing and came home in the afternoon to some very happy puppies. They hate it when I come home and then immediately leave them again for a run. It usually coincides with their dinner time so I understand why they get a little stressed. They followed me around the house for a while and politely asked for dinner as I neared the kitchen. Tonight I tricked Apollo into going outside while I suited up Mira for an evening run. 


Since the weather cooled down I felt like it would be a good day to take her out on her first run of the season (her season is anytime it's under 70ish and not too sunny). I feel a little better running in the dark with a separate set of eyes and alert system. She usually gets the catcalls (dogcalls?) from people walking or driving by when we run together and that can get pretty entertaining. Since she's taken most of the summer off due to her inability to change running outfits, I expected her first run back to be a little slow and distracted. After a few pit stops and sniffs she usually settles into a good pace and really enjoys it, but tonight was a pretty rough start for her. She made it about .5 miles until she did a pee fake-out (just sniffing, no squatting) of which there were many that followed. Her race strategy was pretty poor, she started out too fast, didn't hydrate, and crapped out on the uphill on the way back home. But like a good sport, she rallied when she saw the finish line of our street and ended with a smile on her face. She just has to get back in shape like the rest of us I guess. 

We got home after only 1.3 miles because there was more of me pulling her than I preferred, so I finished up the rest of my miles on the treadmill. It was the perfect amount of time for a little episode of Friends. 

9/24: 3.18 miles, 28 mins, 8:48 avg pace

Now for pizza, relaxation, and getting ready for the weekend. Woot woot Friday!