Success in the Morning!

It was only a treadmill run, but it was a run that happened before 6am, so I'm declaring victory. I went to bed early, laid out my clothes, and gave myself a little flexibility in being later to work if I needed to today. Although I didn't get outside because it was still very much night time where I live, I was happy to get some miles in. 


9/23: 3.5 miles, 8:58 avg pace

All that stuff I said about my treadmill being off in pace and feeling like it was telling me I was faster than I really am? Yeah, today 6.0 mph felt like 6.0 mph and I needed the warm-up, not the machine. I forgot how sloggy my legs can feel that first mile before any coffee. It started to feel better at about the halfway point, and I feel less like my treadmill is trying to make me insane, so all around a pretty okay run. Also, it happened! I still can't get over the fact that I am done with my run and haven't gone to work yet. A miracle. 


This doesn't have to do with running, but Garry Gilliam #79 of the Seahawks was handing out drinks at Starbucks yesterday, so me and my braids waiting patiently while he worked on my iced coffee yesterday. I was a tiny bit star struck, I never put together the height/weight stats on the TV with a real human body. Those guys are huge. HUGE. Also there were a ton of high schoolers there too, so he just seemed to tower over everyone. It was pretty cool. 

Now, time to brave the traffic that has descended upon our city this week and see if I can get to work without massive delays. Fingers crossed my train is on time!