New Aerial Class!

I just got home from my first Aerial 1/2 class and after hoovering some chips and guac, I'm trying to write everything we went over today before it leaves my brain! I think these are all the things we covered, but I may have already forgotten. As usual, my pose and vocab memory need tons of work. (*'d were new to me this week!)

On Static Trapeze

Straddle Up (on trap*), Knee Hang Beats, Catchers Beats, Single Hand Mermaid*, Back Balance* 

On Silk and Rope 

Standard Climbs w/ descent, Crochet Legs, Catchers, Ball/Front Balance*, Foot Lock, Lotus*

The class was a little confusing at first. There was some sort of scheduling error in the system and the new 1/2's got smushed in with the 3's. It was like the first day of school and you end up in a class with seniors on your first day as a freshman. Most of the 7pm classes warmed up together in the springy floor part of the gym and then broke off into our separate areas. We started with Thera-Band rotator cuff warmup, shoulder shrugs and pikes/tucks which is the same from my other classes as well. Then we started on the trapeze and learned a new way to mount doing a straddle. I loved it! It just seemed more fluid to me than the usual way through basket. In my previous class we had done Mermaid before, but this time we learned to do it with one hand only and while trying to keep the app steady. Next was getting into Back Balance and using our butts as shelves. This seems to be a recurring theme and I think I get a little more comfortable with it every week. First time trying this I sucked. Second time it felt way better. I already like this longer format class because it gives me a little more time to watch/recover and then try something again. I was grateful for my running fitness at the halfway point and after a couple climbs. 

The silks and rope were fun too. We reviewed Catchers and I tried to clean it up a bit and do both sides (so hard on the left!). Then we learned Lotus from foot lock which was cool but I think I need to work on my left side some more with that one. Crochet Legs was review, but I did pretty bad at it so I may not have corrected my new coach when she asked if we had done it before. Yuh-oh.

This is all kind of gibberish without visuals, so know that I'm constantly scouring the internet to try and find the best examples. Someday I will take actual photos/videos in class, but I'm still just in the absorb-every-second mode and can't seem to do anything else right now, HA. Here's a video of Lotus, which was really fun to do. The girl in the video does some fabric flapping that I didn't do, but you get the idea:

Here is someone (with the leg warmers I really want) doing the back balance we reviewed:

 (I found this on pinterest from @yerdua on static trapeze from

(I found this on pinterest from @yerdua on static trapeze from

 Stolen from  Reddit   here .

Stolen from Reddit here.

Next week they will hopefully have our class worked out, but other than being terrified of at the really good level 3 kids and having a new coach, the class went pretty well! I came home not feeling super hungry, but someone had a plate of chips and cheese awaiting me and all of a sudden I had eaten them all plus an ice cream sandwich. I guess I was a little hungry! I have to figure out my 'fueling strategy' for aerial now. I had a micro-dinner before class and was never really starving feeling, I just need to watch out for the post-class bottomless pit that I transform into and maybe pack something for the drive back. 

Hope you all had a great Monday!