Monday Monday Monday

It's only 6am right now, but it is definitely a Monday. I am writing it out in hopes of reversing my luck (and attitude) for the rest of the day. I woke up before my alarm which in my opinion is one of the worst feelings. I could hear my coffee pot which meant is was about 15 minutes until my alarm went off. I tried really hard to fall back asleep for those extra minutes but usually the stress of thinking that maybe my alarm won't go off and I will be late for work keeps me up. When I finally did wake up, I was greeted by some awesome new acne, probably entirely due to the fact I at kettle corn hand over fist during last nights Seahawks v. Green Bay game. Massive sugar intake + high stress levels - prep time for my Monday = this not awesome feeling I have right now. 

Good things about this day so far include the fact that I did do some lunch prep yesterday and it was easy to pack. I also scheduled a work-from-home day this week that I'm looking forward to, probably a little too much. I did manage to get myself to a lovely farmer's market yesterday and now have a beautiful bouquet to greet me with my coffee. 


Tonight is my first longer aerial class and I think most of the not-good feelings I am having right now are related to my nervousness for tonight. With Saturday being my long run and Sunday/Monday being rest days, I don't have a run until tomorrow. That is weird, I may need to reorganize my training schedule. I felt like I definitely could have gone yesterday too. I already feel a little better about the day after writing this out and seeing how ridiculous it all sounds. Success!

What are you excited for this week?

How do you deal with things that make you nervous?