Saturday 7

I had a little bit of anxiety going into this mornings run, but as I warmed up after the first mile it seemed to dissipate. It's been a few months since I ran 7 miles and I was paranoid about all of the old injuries deciding to come back, but luckily enough the hip aches I had Thursday and Friday felt better as I ran. I'll take that as a good sign instead of a horrible sign, like selective positive thinking. I ran my old favorite long run route that has been the place for most of my previous marathon training runs. It's flat, runner friendly, and beautiful even on cloudy days. Plus I know where all the water fountains and bathrooms are located because poop. 


9/19: 7.07 miles, 9:02 avg pace.

I took my first miles a bit slower and planned on staying that way until around mile 3-4 my legs remembered that this path is really flat, especially compared to my neighborhood route. So I took advantage of it on the last mile and pushed it a little. Running that mile a bit faster was so much more fun than the others, my legs were happy to be stretched my lungs took it way better than I thought they were going to. My stride gets pretty compacted and shuffly throughout a run, so forcing them to stretch out was a nice change. One downside to my stupid happiness was that I hat to pick a bug out of my mouth because smiling while running is actually gross. It may seem like a good idea but can get really disgusting when striding through a swarm of gnats. #protein

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 11.09.14 AM.png

I wanted to go back after my run on my drive home to try and get some good pictures of the running path but I kind of suck at picking good photo ops. Plus people were still actually running there so I didn't want to creep them out.


It's not really showcased below, but this path is really nice. Lake, mountains, tons of trees, birds, birds, birds, and lots of people walking adorable dogs. Plus some super fast runners to keep you on your toes. 


Hope you all have a great rest of your weekend! My plans for today include finishing all the coffee and thinking about doing yardwork. You?