Rain and Magic Shoe Numbers

The rain came today and I was feeling sort of lazy, so the treadmill happened. I recently replaced the motherboard (?) on it and need to recalibrate the speed but every instruction manual and service request email I read says to do this thing that I can't do on the model I have. It is so frustrating to be running and know the pace is off. It's definitely inaccurate when I start and I can't tell if it's warmed up after 45 minutes or if I am tired but it seems to get a little more accurate after 45-55 minutes. Since I did not get to that today, I think my numbers were a teeny bit too fast.


 9/17: 3.63 mi, 8:16 avg pace

I watched some old episodes of Friends during and stretched after. My left hip started to feel a little tired after these last few runs so I am glad tomorrow is a rest day. I think my run on Saturday needs to be on the slower side to make sure I don't mess anything up. My shoes hit 300 miles today so maybe that has something to do with it to.


Any advice for calibrating ProForm treadmills? 

What's magic shoe mileage number?