shorts, shoes, and sport braids

Today's run felt generally so-so, but I was still glad to be out there. I'm trying to really enjoy these end of summer runs while it is still daylight and not a downpour. It's not that I don't like dark and rainy runs too, it just makes it a little harder to get out the door some days. (ex: my inability to convert to a morning runner just yet.) 


9/16: 3.13 miles, 9:04 avg pace 

Shorts! I rarely wear shorts when I run because I have a wacko theory about it changing my stride and my knee chub slaps together, but sometimes it feels really nice to get my quads in the wind. My stride felt a little clunky and I've noticed this quite a bit lately. I can't tell if it's relearning to run and just not feeling light and springy, or if it has something to do with my orthotics. The chiropractor I went to see a few weeks ago was so set on these dumb things helping my feet and hips, but I'm not totally convinced. I had already been running with Superfeet and didn't really notice a difference between the two inserts. However, I haven't had any tightness in my arches since wearing them and my hips seem to be feeling better, but I don't know if that's just from taking significant time off or adding different strengthening exercises. I feel like it's harder to figure out how to land on my feet with these things in as well. I rotate between mid-foot striking, rolling through my whole foot, and heel striking. Before I was definitely landing on my forefoot going up hills and mid-foot for most everything else. So strange. I'm almost due for a new pair of shoes to start rotating in so I think I will size up to allow for more room for the orthotics. Does anyone else run with inserts or orthotics? Any tips?

 post-run selfie in my fave race shirt and with chocolate on my lip.

post-run selfie in my fave race shirt and with chocolate on my lip.

Tonight also marked the comeback of the running braids, my favorite hairstyle for running. Everything stays out of my face and doesn't get knotted by the end of the run, this is a necessity for running in the rain that I have a feeling is coming soon. I ended the workout today with some core, a few pull-ups (almost to two consecutive!), and stretching as per the plan. Fingers crossed I can make this a habit. My abs are still a little sore from aerial on Monday so I tried to work the other muscles around the sore area and just grimaced a little. The pain means things are working, right?