Officially Training?

I perused a few half training plans online today and mushed a few together, wrote some miles down in my calendar, and crossed my fingers. My goal for this race is to finish not injured, in better shape than I started, and maybe around 1:50? I have no idea what I will be able to pull out pace wise, but this seems like a good estimate if I can stay healthy. I don't think there will be much possibility of a PR in 7 weeks, and I kind of don't want to push it that hard in such a short time. Maybe 1 or 2 more halves and then I'll start some legit and focused speed work. Maybe. Maybe.


9/15: 5.14 miles, 9:14 avg pace. 

The training plan consists of 3 weekday runs, probably Tues/Wed/Thurs ranging from 3-6 miles depending on the week, and a weekend long run. Long runs progress up to 11 miles, with this weekend starting at 7. I re-read the course description today and found out there may be some hills, so I'm hoping my neighborhood will serve me well for my weekday runs. Seattle is hilly and it's usually pretty annoying but hopefully this will come in handy now. I live on a hill that has hills, if that makes sense. Any direction I run from my house includes some struggle when heading back home which can make the evening runs a struggle some days.

Another one of my goals for this training cycle is consistent stretching, butt exercises, 2-3x week core and packing my lunch. Making sure i have the right food and snacks at work usually increases my chances of having a better run in the evening and saves me some money. Race entry fees are not cheap, I have to add it back into my budget! 

Time for dinner and to inspect the chocolate that showed up in my freezer today while I was at work...