Beat the Blerch 10k

I ran the Beat the Blerch 10k in Carnation WA this weekend and it was pretty great. I am not saying that I raced it, I think it was about 10 minutes of my 10k PR, so I don't even want to think about that. BUT who cares, it was super fun and I am so glad I did it! BFF and I hung out Saturday night, ate pita chips and pizza, drank kombucha, and discussed how big of a shitshow the race might actually be. Neither one of us have been A-Game running lately so this was kind of our fun re-entry into race lifestyle, minus one BFF. The only problem is that missing other BFF is kind of the glue that holds our little running trio together, the one who packs the good snacks and the emergency tampons, and makes sure we hydrate and get to the right parking lot, right starting line, and have the right bibs on. The fact that we made it to Carnation and back having successfully completed the race is nothing short of a miracle. We did have a boyfriend driver chaperone though, so all was good.

 Some blurry, pre-race faces. 

Some blurry, pre-race faces. 

The drive to Carnation was about 45 minutes plus a stop at Whole Foods for some .25 cent coffee. Hooray for customer appreciation month, it was obviously very needed. There was chatter and yawning all the way to the start line. 


We decided that due to lack of training for both parties we would keep it at a conversational pace and pretend that we were just running together on a weekend run, like we would if we lived in the same city. It was a pretty great game plan and made for a really fun and relaxed run. The trail was a little narrow at certain parts causing a bit of backup, but it thinned out after mile 3ish. 

Things that were awesome about this race:

-run with bff. always guaranteed fun.

-the start line included being pelted with marshmallows. 

-a later (10am) start allowed for us travel in from a ways away without being completely sleep deprived.

-good out and back, very flat gravel trail. 

-cake. at the beginning. at the middle. at the end.

-cool temps. lots of rain, but still very pleasant and beautiful. 

-lots of costumes

-celeb sightings.



One thing that was not awesome was my finish line etiquette. For some reason, I got a bug up my butt about finishing with a kick and tried at the very end to finish strong and sprinting. The only problem is is that I decided to do this and barreled through two women crossing the finish line at the same time. I came up right behind them and snuck under one of their armpits and totally photobombed them (I'm assuming) and was completely rude. I feel pretty bad about it since there really was no point in doing this. I was not in PR contention, this was not a competitive race, I just decided to mow someone over. I hope I didn't really offend anyone. Has this ever happened to anyone else? What is proper finish line etiquette when trying to finish strong and the line is cramped?

9/13: 6.31 miles, 57:34 min, 9:08 avg pace

After the race we headed back to Seattle for some time with a 2 month old baby, vegan pizza, and overtime of a football game I can't even talk about. Also, lots of future race planning for the next few months. YES.

Did anyone else race this weekend?

Have you ever been a jerk (accidental or on purpose) at the finish line?