Packet Pick Up

Here's a lame, heavily filtered picture of me learning how to use the self timer on my phone and show of The Oatmeal swag bags while also being distracted by Mira. We have a lot to learn about the self timer feature.  And hair brushing. 


The swag is actually pretty sweet. Shirt, bib, sticker, magnet, HEADBAND and FAKE TATTOOS. Plus I got to meet the guy who draws the comic and who is also running the race this weekend. I was of course very awkward asking for him to sign a bib for BFF I am running the race with, but I sweat my way through just fine. 


I feel a little bit like a fraud. I had to change my registration from the half to the 10K, but they still gave me the half marathon finisher shirt. I know no one else will know, but I will know. Maybe I will wear it as a layering piece when it is hella cold this winter. Finding the positive! I was signed up for the half before my chiro advised a month off of running (let's not talk about it. okay, maybe later.) I of course am wondering if I could finish all 13.1, and I think I could, but I would probably cross the finish line a little more busted than I want. I'm trying to 'be smart' and 'take care of my body' and yeah it kind of sucks but I think it will be worth it. I sense more halves in my future anyway, which is a pretty great feeling. 

Now to get wild and drink some black label Kombucha. Happy Friday!!

Do you like Kombucha?

Anyone racing this weekend???