I am a creepy runner

Took my run to the lake tonight to try and enjoy the sun. I never run with my phone, because it's basically the size of a laptop, so I don't have any good photos for you. Just the watch shot.  


9/10: 3.82 miles, 8:56 avg pace


Today felt better than tuesday, thank god. I scavenged for my Nuun and drank some on my way to the park (thanks for the reminder Allison) to give me a little boost. I also ate a little later in the day at work to give me something to run on later. My stomach has been funky so I did 't have any specific goals for this run, just to get in some beautiful miles.

I followed this tall, older gut around the park for a while and noticed he was checking his watch pretty frequently so it think he was doing an interval workout of some kind. I hope it wasn't too annoying for him, but I was enjoying the challenge. Either way, the 2 miles I followed him for were my fastest, so thanks old guy! Never under estimate other runners. 

Now to watch the end of this horrible game. #ughpatriots  


Do you ever follow other runners? Creepy/not creepy?