Not a Morning Runner...

Last night I went to bed early and laid out my running clothes for the next morning I even tried visualizing myself getting out of bed and hitting the road in the darkness to try and make it happen. But when the alarm went off this morning I didn't go and there isn't really a good reason.  I was awake enough to make the decision, it wasn't even raining, but the thought of it just was not appetizing. I think it's been too long since I've been out in the morning in the dark and I don't have a good memory to pull from for help. It's still a little warm to take Mira with, she's only a fan of the colder weather running. I wonder why....

 Her glory days. 

Her glory days. 

So, I had the lovely opportunity to run after work tonight and remembered how much I have missed the cooler weather. And it's still not cold enough for long sleeves! I ran my usual neighborhood run with a little mile add on at the end because I felt pretty happy to be running.


I listened to Run to the Top podcast hosted by Tina Muir today for the first time today and have already forgotten which one I was on, but they were talking about the importance of running slow, like suuuuuper heart rate to the ground slow, to help improve aerobic fitness and to lessen the impact on your joints and muscles. You're supposed to save the balls out running for races only and not feel completely wasted at the end of each run. Interesting, right? It's hard coming back from injury and having lost fitness since everything in the beginning seems a little bit like death. But I have noticed progress (don't jinx it) in the last few runs. I just have to remember I am not racing every run, I do not have to hit the previous paces every time, and it's okay to relax and enjoy it, and actually that may be the point so just let go you weirdo. 


9/1: 4.0 miles, 9:22 avg pace