Pain Pants

Aerial today was really fun, and really painful. We worked on a straddle on separated silks to diamond, wrapping the silks around each leg, wrapping it around your back above your butt, and then letting go. There is a name and better way to explain this, but I have forgotten it completely. That one actually felt pretty good, just new.  On static trapeze, we pulled over, went into catchers, and crunched up with the trapeze wrapped around our legs making what I have lovingly nicknamed Pain Pants. I have some pinchy marks in a very sensitive place. I feel like I need to get some pants that are more slippery  to help put the pants on. This makes very little sense to anyone who wasn't there, but it's helping me remember.


 This was the first part and not me doing it. Got  here  to learn  more  about it. Thanks Circus Runaways!

This was the first part and not me doing it. Got here to learn more about it. Thanks Circus Runaways!

The above photo does not get to the pinch of death, but that's okay. I loved trying both of these moves today. It makes me a little sad that Labor Day means no aerial next Monday!  

This week I did not continue with my plan of adding cardio after class. Instead I added cookies and pizza. Champion. I re-read The Blerch comic to get ready for my upcoming race (hahahahhaha) and felt maybe a little too much like the ultra running author and filled myself with garbage. I need to remember I am not running all the miles yet. Hmmmm... 

Now to celebrate being an American and pretend to be strong, I am watching Ninja Warrior. #winning