Miso, Cookies, and a Run

I guess if I write something down I am actually more likely to do it! I wanted to run more than 3 something today, and then I actually did. Today I also baked and ate some cookies, and then decided that if I didn't want aerial to super suck tomorrow, I should probably run a bit. As I was getting ready to treadmill for a while, it was pointed out to me how gorgeous it was outside so I swapped out my shorts only appropriate for the basement and headed out. The first mile was super slow but didn't feel bad. Even though my overall pace wasn't awesome, my lungs and body felt pretty good! Maybe we're making some progress?

 Don't let that 6:49 fool you, Garmin be crazy. 

Don't let that 6:49 fool you, Garmin be crazy. 

 Sunday runs are pretty nice. I used to only run Saturdays (and a little longer than 3 miles) , so Sunday was a nice recovery day. But after recently losing my ability to wake up early on the weekends and reducing mileage, I am learning to love a Sunday night run to help prep for Monday circus and chill the fuck out. Sometimes Sunday nights make me crazy anxious and I am a little horrible to be around. Tonight's run plus a super chill day with off and on rain was really nice. Maybe work won't be so difficult to go back to tomorrow. 


Oh, and Mario Kart. Mario Kart makes everything better. Happy Sunday night y'all.