Run Gum

Running after work has its ups and downs. The biggest up is that I don't have to wake up early do it. Last Thursday night I was feeling a little short on time and a little tired, so I decided to try Run Gum for the first time. One thing you should know about me is that even when I was running 0 miles a week, I did not even think about canceling my stridebox subscription. I love getting stuff in the mail, especially when it reminds me a lot of doing something that I love. So I've continued to accumulate a hefty collection of gus, chews, powdered electrolyte beverages, tiny water bottles and various other running gizmos that fit into a 3x6 box from the postal service, way faster than I was using any of it.

About 2 weeks ago I did a clean and sort of all the stuff I have and narrowed down to 3 boxes - 1 for gus/chews/things to eat on the run, 1 for things to drink pre/during/post runs, and 1 for gizmos, towelettes, tape and most items received that are not edible. I pulled a small selection and put in a drawer in my kitchen so I can easily grab something before an after work run that are less intense like teas, non-caffeinated and lower sugar drink mixes. Last week I grabbed Run Gum ENERGY GUM DESIGNED TO ENHANCE YOUR PERFORMANCE (stolen from their site). I didn't really read what was in it, but tried one of the pieces and headed out the door. 


Mile 1 - This gum tastes terrible but is obviously working. I feel pretty good and I think I saw a 7 something on my Garmin for a few seconds! Run Gum Rules!

Mile 2 - So hot. I think I should pull back a bit. Maybe I shouldn't have had that fun size milky way before leaving work. This gum tastes pretty bad. I must be more tired than I realized.

Mile 3 - Everything sucks I hate everything so hot so tired home now plz. Run Gum is crap.

At home drinking water/stretching - So much sweat. This gum all of a sudden tastes better. 

I decided to try the remaining second piece today to see if Run Gum was weird all the time or I was just having an off day. Today I still felt like the taste was not-so-wonderful at the beginning of the run, but I don't know if this piece had any affect what so ever on my run. I made an effort to keep my pace more even and forgot I was chewing the gum, so I think any side effects, positive or negative, from last week were all in my head. It's probably more helpful than Orbit though. 



9/3: 4.18 miles, 9:10 avg pace

My body in general felt better today and by reminding myself every time I look at my watch that I am running because I like to do it, I really don't mind my pace. I'm just happy to be adding miles back into my schedule and getting outside before the darkness of a Northwest winter sets in. Plus I got to run in my Seahawks 12K shirt today and kickoff is in 10 minutes, so it's going to be a pretty good night. 

 Go Hawks 💙💚🏈💚💙 

Go Hawks 💙💚🏈💚💙