Summer Is Not Over

8/26: 0 miles

8/27: 3.18 9:10 avg pace, 86 degrees. HOT. Fall who?



Sometimes I get worried thinking about how many days in a row I've run. That wasn't the case yesterday, because I ran 0, but lately I've been thinking about running as a habit and how to get back to it being second nature. I used to run 6 days a week, then 0 days a week, then 4, then 0, now it's a crap shoot. I'm trying to recalibrate and find that sweet spot. How many days and how many miles can I run without breaking something? Is it helping or hurting? I think not having a training plan I'm committed to is throwing off my scheduling game too, I love having the miles already planned and noted so I don't have to choose each day. Don't let this fool you though, I am technically signed up for a race in 2.5 weeks. About that... 

My training was on track up until July when the knee thing started and made me lose my shit and shut down all running. I was already going to acupuncture about 2x a week for the hip and after reviewing my insurance plan decided to tack on a chiropractor visit as well. I don't know what I was thinking really, but some of the adjustments felt pretty good and I got some super intense orthotics out of it. The chiro basically told me I shouldn't run due to a potential injury he thought I could have but couldn't really prove without an MRI, so I immediately decided I didn't like him and he wasn't worth my time. So rational, I know. Also, have you seen some of the faces you get when you tell people "Well, my chiropractor told me..."? It's kind of a buzz kill. After being mad for a while and not seeing any progress even without running, I decided to make a real doctor's appointment. We talked about what was going on and determined it's most likely a large muscle imbalance in my left glute. She showed me some exercises that would help with the imbalance she suspected, checked for Trendelenburg Gait, and said I was okay to run.

 Blog Butts

Blog Butts

The best part is, she understood that I needed to run because if I didn't everything could just get worse from inactivity and I would go crazy. She promised that she wasn't just saying these things so I would be her favorite, but she is definitely my favorite. Now I just have to stick to doing the exercises so I can put on a race bib without fearing that it is my last race.