Bloglovin and Strength

I use Bloglovin as my blogroll/aggregator and have for a few years now. It's pretty straight forward and convenient, you can also find some good blogs, so adding mine was an easy choice. 

I wasn't sure what to categorize this blog under, right now I think it's living under "fitness" but that just seems like more spandex and nike would be involved than I am will to provide so that may change in the future. To fill my fitness category quota I will say that I walked to a couple meetings today at work and then came home to do a few random pull-ups. That morning workout just didn't happen and I'm not mad about it.     My knee was acting up a bit yesterday so I rolled my IT band to see if tightness could be causing the twinge. I have a feeling it's a mix of that and overall muscle weakness and imbalance on my left side (based on what my doctor said). My crackpot theory was fueled a bit today reading several random articles and lists about how to fix glue imbalance. I should start incorporating these exercises into my cool-down/stretch time to make sure I get them in everyday. Any tips?

What's your strength routine? 

Where are your trouble spots/muscle weaknesses that you feel like always need work?

What's your favorite butt exercise?