Coconut Cream Demise

Today's run was tough, but a good reminder that getting back in shape is a process. Also, I read some random running blog today and was inspired, people do come back from injury! I can too! Yes yes yes! 


8/25: 3.14 miles, 9:11 avg pace.  

I ran from my door to my usual 3.1ish out and back. Hills, you guys, hills. They are such a good humility check. Yeah, you can run on a flat track for a while, but can you fight gravity for a quarter mile and not die? I don't think so.  Also, my poor Garmin had a little fit before starting tonight. It thought I was running 1:23 min/miles as I stepped out my door so I gave it about a minute to calm down and catch her breath. Finally it realized I was standing, not flying, and we got going. Anybody else have that problem? 

I went to lunch today with my coworker who I lovingly call the Dessert Pusher. I never buy dessert from this bakery we grab sandwiches at, but she always ends up getting something extra.  This may have been why my run wasn't stellar today. I hate taking pictures of food, but this was really cute. And delicious. I made it 3 posts until food showed up, sorry. 


 Thanks Tom Douglas

Thanks Tom Douglas

I'm toying with the idea of a pre-work morning run tomorrow. Seriously though it always comes down to what time I actually get in bed tonight. Last night I got caught up in 'The Invisible Circus' byJennifer Egan and finished it this evening on the  way home from work. Funny because I didn't love it, just got sunk in. I'll start a new book tonight, fingers crossed I can at be more responsible about it.