Treadmills and Hip Keys

Turns out I do not know how or really care to write intro lines to a blog post. Maybe this will get better with time? Here's a running update to suffice. 

8/23 Sunday: 3.5 miles Treadmill run, 8:43 avg pace - Felt pretty good with minor knee reminders throughout to keep everything in line and balanced. New mantra "I am balanced, I am strong." Gotta trick my body into thinking there is no major muscle imbalance. 

8/24 Monday: Aerial, 1 hr.  1.25 mile Treadmill run. Not sure if that even counts. Started at 6.0, increased .1 mph per .05 miles. I wanted a quick sweat and to try and get back into a more frequent running habit, no matter the distance. The next aerial class I am signing up for will be 2 hours (now it's just 1) so I don't want to crap out  in the middle of it. I'm trying to tack on workouts after my 1 hours class to help the transition.


Today my run was to supplement my aerial practice, which is not what I intended when signing up for circus. I used to view it more as cross training I actually enjoyed, but I've been feeling more like I want to make sure my cardio fitness is intact so I can climb the rope a couple times without being a pool of sweat and heaving in a pile.  Also, in class today I successfully did a hip key without having to see a demo beforehand! (Here is someone on youtube doing one in slo-mo.) Then after receiving some pointers from my coach, could not complete another. I'm hoping by getting back in better running shape I'll be able to try stuff more than one time without completely falling apart. No matter, I was pretty proud of myself for a hot second. The I got my butt kicked on some pullover attempts. 

Now you:

Any tips for hip keys?

What is you minimum distance for a run to 'count'?