Back to the Track

I had a few days of from work recently and decided to deliberately disobey my chiropractor by lacing up my running shoes and hitting the track. This wasn't a 'track workout' but just a few laps at the defunct elementary school by my house that happens to have one lane of rubber around a soccer field. It's slightly less than .25, just enough to make me feel super fast as I pass the goals on each rotation. I did not feel fast this day, but I didn't really care because for the most part my hip didn't hurt and my knee behaved. Success! The downside was the unfamiliar heaviness in my chest due to lack of cardio for a solid month, and leg fatigue. Seriously. My legs were tired at the end of 2 miles. I guess reading running tumblrs and following athletes on twitter doesn't count as working out. Shoot. 


8/10: 2 miles at Track - 8:46 avg pace

8/11: 2 miles on Treadmill - 8:15 avg pace (not convinced I installed or calibrated the new motor correctly. Pace not guaranteed)

8/16: 2.5 miles at Track - 8:19 avg pace

8/18: 2.6 miles Seward Park loop - 9:21 avg pace 

8/20: 2.6 miles Neighborhood route - 9:09 avg pace

Goals for this upcoming week include continuing to run, maybe more than 2 miles at a time. I am signed up for a half marathon in less than a month. Right. In successful news I did complete 2 consecutive pull-ups at home a few times this week. Doing them at aerial class in front of other people and after a whole class of climbs seems to be more difficult, but fingers crossed (and chalked) that I can get at least one all up in front of someone other than my dogs.