Do Over

Let's try this again, shall we?

After returning home yesterday I did not get any running in because of the hacking lung/head filled with fuzz/fatigue, but after tons o sleep last night I got up early and tried the treadmill this morning. My head and overall congestion felt better, just that stabbing post-nasal drip feeling remained, so I hopped on for 30 minutes. Since the speed has been so wonky on it the last few runs I've determined that that the best practice is to just run by total time and effort. I'm glad I ran, the heat always makes me feel better.


12/8: 30 minutes, easy effort with last 5 minutes at faster pace.

I have a dr. appt this week to get a flu shot (great timing) and check out a weird pain I've been having in my right shoulder lately. In the last year I've experienced a huge loss in range of motion and now there is a pretty consistent dull ache. The only thing I do almost every day with that arm is use a mouse so I'm kind of at a loss for what it could be. Fingers crossed the doc knows what it is. 

Any runners with weird upper body injuries out there? I feel like we always hear about the legs/feet/butt but never anything to the north.