How long should a stress fracture hurt?

Running last week was not really a thing that I was doing well. I ran about 3 times totaling about as many miles as I ran last Sunday alone. My plans were derailed by a family dinner, a stress fracture freak out, a bogus treadmill, and a weekend trip to see my Mom. All excuses, but all things that at the time I believed merited the break. Whatever the reasons I feel pretty rested and ready for this week with the exception of absolutely no prep for it.*

My treadmill decided to go back to sucking on Wednesday and for some reason is reading MPH at about 1.5mph faster than the belt is actually going. I initially felt the discrepancy (I do not walk at 5 mph) and then tested unscientifically using my nike plus app while holding my phone. I dont believe those numbers to be true either though since my arm swing is hugely reduced on the 'mill I think. Whatever. I think my birthday present to myself may be a visit from a treadmill repair man since the service at ProForm is terrible and more annoying than helpful. 

On Friday I was planning on making up the run I missed the day before, but I had been feeling a sharp pain with each step in the same area as my stress fracture from last year. I came home and iced it as it only got worse throughout the day at work, and fell asleep in a death spiral of thoughts about how I would never run again and my life was basically over. 


Then I woke up without any pain at all the next morning. A huge WTF to my body, a lot of making promises to always take care of it, and an attempt on the treadmill again that morning helped me feel a little more normal. I packed all of my gear to run while visiting my mom but woke up to a downpour that wiped out all of my good intentions. I toyed with the idea of a run upon my return home, but dog hugging and football got in the way. 

Mostly last week was a pile of excuses but I'm feeling positive about this week and trying to get myself to get more outdoor miles in this week. I ran about 9 miles total and they were all on the treadmill. Oh what fun. I did however just open my fancy new stridebox and found an amazing wrist light that is super bright and will prevent me from getting hit by cars in the dark, so no excuses right? 

*after getting to work for about 2 hours I came back home because of a general feeling of crap/the sickness and have been working from home since. About 8 of 10 people who sit near me are sick, have been sick, or are getting sick so I took my snot and my raging headache home for the day.