A Quick Run and Some Drink

This week is so weird every year. Christmas is over, but the New Year's Resolutions haven't quite kicked in so I'm in kind of a limbo state. I ran Monday for a little bit after work, but my treadmill reset (unplugged during basement cleaning) so the pace is effed again. At least I know what causes it now! Every time I have unplugged the 'mill, she has a hard time regulating her pace for the first few runs. I ran for 30 minutes at a comfortable pace but with a shitty uncomfortable quad/upper left knee. I decided not to push it and came upstairs to complain. Then I foam rolled instead because complaining about hurting yourself because you didn't take the precautionary measures you knew to take is not sexy. It was ugly. My left quad is the newest of the left leg curse (LLC). It mostly feels like a super tight lump of muscle/tendon above my knee cap that I cannot stretch but mashing it on the foam roller seems to help. Resolution: Foam Roll. 

After work I always struggle with how to fuel. I reached in an old stride box and pulled out this weird looking mix as a little hydration and maybe boost. Mixed up in 16 oz water and sipped at the beginning of my run, I quickly determined this tasted like a gross alcoholic beverage that should have been chilled and was not. Oddly sweet and bitter this gets a thumbs down vote. Oh well CeraSport sample, sorry I didn't give you a better chance with some refrigeration. 


No run tonight as a precaution for the knee/quad issue, but maybe tomorrow. And maybe someday, an outdoor run! And then maybe some goals about races and paces and speeds, but maybe not until next week. I like to keep things surprising.