Boxing Day

Merry Late Christmas! Happy Boxing Day! Happy first day of Kwanzaa!

There hasn't been much to blog about lately. Running has been getting an hour in here and there when I can on the treadmill. That sounds boring I know, but it's been really fun. I've mentioned before, but the winter blues are getting to me this year more than I remember in previous years, so hitting up convenient exercise for an instant (after 60 minutes) pick me up has been niiiiiice. 

Since we last chatted, my runs have been:

Mon 12/21: 4.19 miles/35:01 min/8:21 avg pace. I ate a bunch of pizza and then felt like I should do something with that energy. Also I knew I wouldn't have a chance to run again for a few days with holiday stuff going on so I just went for it. Pretty great, except for the almost hurling part, but really still happy I ran. 

Friday 12/25: 6.7 miles/ 60 minutes/ 8:57 avg pace. Pre-family time miles. I woke up and thought of all the presents I had bought myself over the year with my treadmill and Jaybirds included, so I decided to celebrate by using them for a while. Good run, celebrated with scalloped potatoes and playing with my new Spirograph after. 

Saturday 12/26: 7.64 miles/ 70 minutes/ 9:10 avg pace. I just felt like it. As I've been doing lately, I took it 10 minutes at a time and raced the washing machine to the finish line. 


Running on the treadmill lately has meant running exclusively in my Oiselle Distance and Long Rogas. I scavenged my old Stridebox loot and found this precious gem that has really made the Distance Shorts a valid option. #chubrub


I'm going to have to find out where they sell this magic Motion Potion when this sample tube runs out. Has anyone ever used it before?


Other than running and celebrating holidays, I've been pretty useless. Except for baking. I baked about a million cookies. Right now I'm staring at what is left of my oatmeal chocolate chip wonders and asking my stomach how much more christmas joy it can handle. I'll let you know how it goes.