No Shame Miles

Tomorrow is officially winter, which really sounds worse than it is. It means the shortest day of the year will come and go, and we will finally be back to having more daylight and less vitamin D deficiency. 

This week my runs were all indoors partly due to weather and partly due to my desire to just be an indoor kid. I've decided to not feel bad about it at all. I'm running miles I'm happy about, my legs feel mostly great, and I've come out at the end of each session happier than I was going in. Here are what my miles ended up being for the week:

Thurs 12/17: 6.71 miles; 8:57 avg pace

Sat 12/19: 8.52 miles; 8:52 avg pace (twinning!)

Sun 12/20: 6.70 miles; 8:57 avg pace

Total Miles 21.93

Each run had the same strategy, start out at 6-6.1 mph, bump up every 5 minutes, run an hour or until I feel done running or I was in a better mood. Running in 5 minute intervals has become a nice mental trick for me. If my goal is to run for a certain distance, I can adjust my pace to make it to the goal, but running for a set time forces me to settle in and get comfortable at each pace. I can adjust my breathing and form in each 5 minute interval, and only moving up .1 mph isn't that scary, but by the end of the run I'm running faster than I had expected or felt possible at the beginning of the run. This is all witchy hokey made up mind voodoo, but hey it's been working for me this week so I'm sticking with it. 


 Bringing out the sweatband and the 'tude. #beattheblerch

Bringing out the sweatband and the 'tude. #beattheblerch

For the rest of the year, my plan is to keep running what makes me happy. If I can get home from work early or outside in the daylight on the holidays I will, but if not I will continue to get my miles in indoors and not feel a bit of treadmill shame.  

What are your goals for the end of the year? 

Any Winter Solstice plans?