Aerial 1/2 Recap - Week 10

I think it's week 10  anyway. Wow. This week was a nice review after the holiday. I was nervous going in after having last week off, but it of course was loads of amazing fun anyway. Heads up that this post is, like most things on this blog, a recap for solely for my own memory. I've found it helps me learn/keep the vocabulary after class and the youtubes are great review for me during the week. Similar to other posts, it's not really riveting material, but I'm into it so...

My challenge to myself has to become the pullover on high trap. Last class I just could not get it and this week was feeling the same, but even though I never nailed it, I was more motivated to keep trying. I think I have the body beats part down okay, it's just my timing of when exactly to get the feet up between the ropes (not touching the sides!) and pulling over. I don't know why it's so difficult to do when I'm up there, but it could have something to do with the fact that I don't have a great mental picture of what I'm supposed to be doing. Usually after we learn something in class if I can work through it in my head a few times before trying again it seems to go a lot better. I feel like this class has to be preventing alzheimer's in some way, it's a massive memory exercise for me every time. 

This isn't the best example but it's sort of the idea that I'm going for (borrowed from Jennifer Reyna). My coach is  a lot more vertical when he demos. 

In addition to the pullover, we worked on body beats and standing on the high trap. On low bar we did a pinwheel that was super fun and reminded me of spinning on the monkey bars in elementary school. I think it bruised the backs of my legs a bit though, or it was the single knee hangs because those actually KILL ME. I can't really picture myself ever going into them voluntarily or without the help of the funky straps we use, but I will keep trying. 

We reviewed straddle climb, swim climb, bicycle climb and standard climb on rope and fabric. On fabric we worked on single and double footlock to straddle up, and on rope we worked on the beginning portion of windmill again as well as learning the coffin/vampire hang but very low to the ground so we could actually get out of it. We worked through it with our hands first which seemed to helped but looked pretty hilarious as each of us did it with coach guidance. Here's a video borrowed from AltitudeAerial.

There are only 2 more weeks in the session! I feel more strong on certain moves but others still escape me the moment I get up to the apparatus. My straddle climb still gets confused with my swim climb, and I always need about 30 seconds before starting the double footlock to straddle up to remember exactly where my arms cross over and under. As much as this class gives me school like nerves as I'm on my way to class each week, the second it is over I'm strategizing how to get stronger for the next week (and then struggling to get in 20 V-ups on a weeknight). In the spirit of Thanksgiving and the holidays, I'm extremely grateful that I get to do this aerial thing once a week for 2 hours. It's so fun.