Treadmill Love

What is up little blog world? December mileage is looking pretty dismal, much more so than I expected going into it, but there is a bright spot to it all. I'm rediscovering my love for Treadmill Hour. Let's flashback to the beginning of this week and maybe a little further.

After 2 very lovely runs on Saturday and Sunday on my treadmill, I realized that I am back in love with that wonderful machine. I know a lot of people really hate the winter and I am very much feeling those dark time feelings, but the treadmill has always been a really reliable asset for me as a runner. I started running in college by going to the gym after classes and working up my cardio skills throughout the year. I usually maxed out at 60-75 minutes depending on if there was a line of others waiting for a machine and how much I wanted to hit up the cafeteria for dinner. Some keys to my success as a runner my freshman year were free access to a nice gym where I would run and lift weights everyday after running (!) and not having any friends to eat up my precious time. I was pretty depressed my first two years of college and ended up transferring schools and making some major life changes, but I relied heavily on my hour on the treadmill every night as a way to clear my head and get some endorphins. On the weekends I would venture outside and sometimes in the dark evenings if I had a running buddy, but mostly it was just me solo. Flash forward and after not running for a few years, I picked it back up again when I started the job I have now and joined a gym close by the office. Running after work on the treadmill allowed me to get back into a reliable routine during the fall/winter/spring when it's dark at 5pm, and helped me work off some new job stress. 

With the right playlist and good headphones, that hamster wheel is a happy place for me. After this week of not being home after work and failing spectacularly to get up in the morning, I didn't get a run in Mon-Wed. I finally got it tonight and was reminded of how much I like this particular kind of run on a regular basis: 1 hour, 6.5-75 miles depending on what I'm feeling, starting at 6.0 for a .5-1 miles warm-up, hot jams. It's my formula for becoming a human again, which I very much needed tonight. It's enough to make me sleep well at night and not anything to make me nervous about going into it. I'm usually really excited to run if I know I get to start out super slow and listen to music I don't let myself listen to unless I'm running. 

One song I keep forgetting I put on my current playlist is Not Letting Go by Tinie Temah ft. Jess Glynne. When it starts I get confused because it reminds of a Will Smith song, but then Jess Glynne comes in and sounds happy and amazing singing, and I can just run and lip sync to it in the privacy of my basement. (I didn't watch this entire video just in case there's something ridiculous in it..)

In my dream world I would run 4 weekday nights a week like this, 1 weekend long run, and maybe an extra shorty in there somewhere. I just have to figure out how to make this a reality. Maybe a 2016 goal? 

Okay, bye gotta start watching Jessica Jones and get sucked in. xoxo