Aerial 1/2: Demo Week Recap

Tuesday morning I missed my planned run because I stayed up too late the night before. Two things to note about that sentence - 1: I use the term 'planned' very loosely. I am not really training for something and coming off of last weeks very unspectacular series of runs my hopes are not too high. 2: I was awake because I was reading, and not even a good book! I just really wanted to get closer to the end of it to move on to another one and I was really comfortable and didn't want to get up to turn off the light. I think some run scheduling/planning/training is in order to help with my structure, but it is hard to get motivated this time of year. With holidays and parties from now until 2016, my routine is non-existent. I'll probably just keep it easy and chill until next year and try to keep a baseline of cardio and strength so I don't lose the efforts I've put in. Speaking of strength, let's talk about Aerial! 

Since it was the final week of the session we had seats available to friends/family to observe class and check out what we've been working on. I've never had anyone come to this before, but Devin came with this week to check it out and snap some pictures. 


This session went by really quickly! I've been taking some sort of circus class since January of this year starting with intro to circus and intro to aerial, but this was by far my favorite session. It was the first class I've taken that was longer than an hour and I quickly noticed the benefits of the longer class and more time on the apparatus. It's been great having sufficient time for warm-up, cool-down and stretching, and also time to attempt a new move more than once per class. 


Since it was the last week, we reviewed anything we wanted. The only problem is remembering what we've done, but our coach is pretty great about walking us through everything if we have missed it. Finding youtubes to review while class is out is on my list so I don't obliterate what I have learned so far. 

I was shocked when watching some videos of these attempts after class just how long it takes me to get in to every single pose. My memory is one of the biggest challenges in aerial and it absolutely shows when I'm hovering on the trapeze, just swinging for what looks like forever, trying to figure out where my hands go next. 


I'm sad we don't have class again until January, but this is more motivation to keep up my running base and my stretching/pullups/core work to make sure I can jump right back in when class restarts. I love circus!