Weekend Running: It's Real!

I finally started to come out of this super funk awful cold on Friday so I was able to get some treadmill miles in both Saturday and Sunday. I read this article from RW last week about running by feel instead of by pace and it came in handy when my t-mill was acting ridiculous on Saturday. She was so slow while reading a higher pace until after 60 minutes of running, then like a burst of scary energy picked it up to what felt more accurate. I kept both runs mostly easy with some harder pickups closer to the end. 

I realized I've been running on treadmills for years now and can trust my sense of speed well enough to know this thing is funky. She's back to normal (I guess) now, but best practice is switching to running goals based on total time instead when using it. 


12/12 Sat: 1:09:49 total time

12/13 Sun: 56:00 total time

However your measure it, my legs felt good and I was really happy to be running. We had severe rain both days so it was nice being mostly dry indoors. I even had a little buddy on Sunday. He never keeps his head still for a photo though. 


Also, please note the beige ankle socks. My running fashion is in a weird place right now. I'm not totally in love with my shoes, some of my capris are becoming inappropriate for public eyes, and the tank tops are pretty foul. I've refrained from buying new clothes mostly recently, but some of my workout gear made need some refreshing for Christmas based on smell alone. 

Okay, time to get after this Monday. I just drank and Apple Cider Vinegar/Lemon Juice/Warm Water cocktail that I read will help my immune system and give me better skin but seriously it just takes like acid so unless I turn into a unicorn this morning while at work that me be the last time I try that. 

How was your weekend? What was your favorite run?