Run (lol) and Capsule Wardrobe Update

Hahah, remember when I used to run? Yeah, good one. 

Turns out I am not an adult and I don't know how to take care of myself. Tuesday I tried to power through aerial fueled by some nasal decongestant and ended up pulling a major muscle in my neck, couldn't sleep on Tuesday night and basically gave my lingering cold the green light to completely take over my body. I'm able to breathe today which is excellent news, so my goal is to run this weekend. Any miles, any pace, anywhere. Big Goals, I know. Since I have no running updates, here's an update on my Capsule Wardrobe. I've still been sticking with it but man has the wonder of it all completely worn off. Let's review some pros and cons of this project for a moment. 

Pro: Identify styles/trends/pieces I love. Con: Boring. 

One of my goals in embarking on this project was to help identify the pieces I really love and it has absolutely done that. It has also helped identify trends that I feel I am missing out on and reinvigorated my childhood sense of actually planning for an item and imagining all the ways I would wear it without just impulse buying a bunch of crap. The problem is I kind of miss that crap. Working in retail, even the boring planning and excel side of it, means I'm exposed constantly to cute shit that I want want want and cannot wait to hit the stores so I can buy it. Working close to fashion means exposure to pretty things to please our customer, I miss being that customer. 

Lesson for next round: Accessorize. Pick more fun stuff. Also, lipstick solves most outfit conundrums.  


Pro: Time saving in my morning routine. Con: No more dress up.

The fact that it takes me about 8 seconds to get ready in the morning is wonderful. The fact that I feel like I am wearing the same outfits and combos each week is getting a little tiring. One of my favorite and completely spoiled sounding things to do is take some time on the weekend and play dress up. It's usually inspired after spending time with my girls or hitting up a thrift store, but whatever the reason it's fun to try on almost everything in the closet in combinations that I have never tried before and coming up with some ridiculous outfit to wear on Monday, stride confidently into my office and then realize halfway through my first cup of coffee that something is riding up, something is stained, my feet hurt, and that the lighting in here is waaaay different than in my house. Who cares, it's fun and it felt awesome for a hot second. It's been nice getting out the door a little quicker but I'm getting a little bored with what's showing up to work every day and missing the fun stuff. 

Lesson for next round: Be more thorough when choosing the wardrobe. Pick some pieces that are fun. I've heard accessories can cure this too, but I'm always wary of jangly things, I tend to lose tiny and shiny objects or break them or get them caught on door handles and hurt myself. 

Pro: Money saving. Con: Spending more on anything/everything else. 


This has been a wash I think. Last week I bought some new lipstick and fancy shampoo because I feel like I'm saving incredible amounts of cash participating in my CW thus negating the savings. I've been pushing the rules on this whole thing a bunch too. I never created rules about if makeup counts. I forgot we were having a HUGE once a year employee sale this week. Did I say if shoes counted or not? I can't remember (they did) so I bought some today in advance of my next wardrobe change. They were too expensive. But then I even keep waffling back and forth about what my budget is for next season blah blah blah I'm not retiring sooner because of this project. 

Lesson for next round: Set a budget and very clear guidelines. I know me and I know that if there is a grey area I will roll around in that shit until it's basically black anyway so I need to make up my mind in the beginning and stick to it.

Pro: Getting to enjoy the items I picked. Con: They're falling apart!

I've had a shirt rip, a weird stain show up on another, and shoes that all of a sudden leak water in. Also I'm noticing pilling on a bunch of my sweaters, tears in my winter coat and a new loose thread appeared in a pair of jeans. Another pro that I was hoping for this was looking a little more put together at work, but showing up with a gaping hole in my sleeve is not what I was going for exactly. If I plan correctly and do my research, the CW could help with the money saving issue in the long run by purchasing better quality items and taking the time to get them repaired/resoled/dry cleaned to get a longer life out of them. On this first round however it's just revealing my weakness in taking care of my clothes. My vintage coat still looks awesome ($12 at Salvation Army) but my jeans that I bought new are snagging and look terrible. 

Lesson for next round: Get real about repairs and do my research with quality and fit. 

I'm past the halfway point in this project and it's feeling a little long but I still want to stick with it come the 4th week of January when it's change it up time. I've learned that there are jeans that last and some that don't. I've also learned that if I'm going to make a commitment to wearing the same clothes for 12 weeks and want to remain in love with them all, I need to plan it out a little bit better. Deciding on Saturday morning that by Saturday evening I will remove 80% of my wardrobe is maybe not the best strategy. Also, I need some hard numbers on what my limits are and what is included (replacements? repairs? a new matte color?) in the wardrobe. 

What are you buying lately? Are you happier on a budget or off?