A Shakeout and a Hop On

My few days of rest came to an end today and I hopped on the treadmill to shakeout the legs. As I was running with my .5% incline I started to get a little more nervous about this race on Sunday. It's on a trail and my training runs most definitely not been on trails. This will be interesting. This is going to be a great, slow, fun, intersting race this weekend. Those are my goals. Well, if I don't have to go slow I won't but you get the idea. 


11/5: 4.05 miles, 8:31 avg pace

Earlier today I was chatting with a running friend who is racing the Seattle Half Marathon in a few weeks. I got it in my head that I really want her to get her PR at this race and hit a sub-2 hour. She's run the course before and it's become her nemesis. It's a pretty race but with some tough inclines (thanks Seattle!) and lots of people. I won't be in any shape to pace the whole race with her so I'm thinking of hopping on around mile 8 or 9, after a painful hill, and being annoyingly positive for the remainder of the course. Funny thing is though I've never paced anyone in a race or even had a specific goal in mind for any of my own races. I usually just go out, hope to be faster than the last time and have enough energy to finish strong. But I really want to run with her so I'm going to try and make it work. 

Have you ever paced someone for only part of a race?

What's the etiquette for hopping in during a race?

What is the most helpful thing a pacer can do for a strong finish?