Aerial 1/2 Recap - Windmill Drop Prep

Another week, another great aerial class. This week we learned on the beginning steps toward a Windmill drop on the rope. I felt pretty good about the first few steps of this new move but I am still having a hard time with my straddle climbs and actually making a climb out of it instead of a hangout-at-the-same-height party. I found this video that's a pretty good example of what we were working on but remember I do not have any idea who this is. Thank you Charlotte Horn from youtube! I We got up until the :29 mark and then I think eventually we'll learn the rest of it. 

I watched and rewatched the video I found last week of the double footlock straddle up so when I got to class yesterday I was able to get the first part lead up to just before the straddle. It only took about 15 seconds, but man did it feel so much better to feel like I knew what I was doing. I'm not saying it looked good, but I wasn't completely lost on how to get to the straddle. Needless to say, I will be googling and watching more videos on moves we learn so I can try to internalize these moves. I really wish I had a rope at my house! 

Other than yesterday's class, I haven't really exercised a ton since Sunday's long run and that's sort of my plan. I've had some injury 'hot spots' the last few weeks that feel like they could be getting worse if I'm not careful (weird foot thing, knee, tight hip flexors*). My plan is to run a few miles tomorrow and Friday, rest on Saturday, and try this trail half marathon on Sunday. My sneaking suspicion is that the weather is going to get real northwesty (wet) so I should start planning my outfit now. I'm running solo aka no BFFs to help me navigate/plan/strategize/get me out the door so I need to start thinking this stuff through now before it's Sunday morning and I'm googling directions and packet pick-up times/locations. 

Other than the Windmill and Straddle Climbs, we reviewed body beats on the high trapeze up to basket, hanging, standing, and lifting our knees up while hanging on to the side ropes (blanking on the name...). On low trap we did pull-overs to front balance, over and over, and now my hips are reminded of that when I lean up against the counter in the kitchen. Some of the conditioning we do in class I could be doing at home so I'm going to try and make sure to get to that this week. I think it actually does make a difference in class. Now if only I could figure out how to keep my hands from cramping/freezing up while doing climbs on the rope!

*my coach was reviewing some straddle up techniques in class and reminded to not hurl ourselves upward with our hip flexors and then the connection was finally made! I've been feeling extra tight there lately and it's exactly that movement that is causing it. I made a point to remember and curl using my core instead of flailing my legs and both my straddle up and my hip flexors started to feel a bit better. Such a revelation!

Overall, I really feel like aerial last night was super fun even if I wasn't on my A-game the whole time, not really ever an A-game really. Our class is averaging at about 4 people and the girls are really nice and pretty uplifting of each other. It's awesome getting to watch them work through the shit and get better at some of the really tough stuff. It can be frustrating to watch other people do what you can't but mostly this class makes the difficult stuff inspiring. Plus last night our coach ripped his pants showing us the Windmill drop in its entirety. It was amazing reminder to wear tight fitting clothes that you can tuck in. Bring on the unitard!