Weekend Running Update

This has been a pretty nice weekend and even though I fueled more with pie and cookies than most athletes would advise, I was pretty happy with my running as well. This morning I was texting outfits to my awesome friend LB so we'd know how to find each other later that morning. She ran the Seattle Half Marathon (looking like a beautiful running princess) and I got to join her at the mile 8 water station. Meeting someone at the top of the hill is a pretty nice way to start a run, let me tell you. Also nice was getting to spectate a bit before meeting her. Those leaders looked pretty awesome for 32 degree foggy Seattle weather. Below I'm showcasing my yellow hat/neon jacket combo that I had not actually dressed myself in yet. #iwokeuplikethis


There were some warnings for freezing fog (!) so we both layered up and kept chugging along to stay warm after meeting up. Running with her is one of the best ideas I've had in a  long time, and I am definitely doing it again soon. Also, please note her bitchin Ragnar hat because you know, she's done that and is super awesome. After crossing the finish line we snagged some water, she got her medal, and hung out at the expo area a bit. She looks ridiculously awesome for having just run 13.1 miles. I have no idea why it looks like I'm pointing my toe, I guess that's a new weird thing. 


After the race I ran 1.5 miles from Seattle Center to Downtown to catch a bus home. I thought about walking, but I was already dressed and I really love running in this kind of weather so I decided to take advantage of running in a new area. After checking in with the dogs, I added another few miles by running to my in-laws to watch the Seahawks game. Something about today just made me want to get outside as much as possible. Yesterday I hit the treadmill up in the morning for 2 miles to shake it out, so maybe I was feeling like some outdoor time was needed to make this weekend feel legit. 

11/28: 2 miles, 20 min, 10:00 pace

11/29: 5.1 miles, 50:30 min, 9:49 pace + 1.4 miles, 12:52 min, 8:52 pace + 2.6 miles, 25:37 min, 9:37 pace = 9.1 miles

I ran phone-free since my phone is the size of a computer and my pockets are not that big. I missed out on some beautiful pictures, but it was nice to check out 3 different areas of town today all on foot. Kind of the big thing I love about running. Today will absolutely stand out as one of my favorite days of running recently. 

Also, yesterday we got our x-mas tree and I think it's the earliest I've ever put one up but I am real into the holidays this year so our house is full on pine tree scented right now. We were on our way back from visiting friends on the peninsula and passed a U-Cut place that I could not avoid on the way out of town. Check in with me in 3 weeks when all that's left is a branch with needles covering the ground, but for now I am v happy. Also I cut it down myself and yelled timber so hella legit. 


Hope you all had a lovely weekend. 

What has been your best running day recently?