A New Plan!

On Monday my runner co-worker lovely person friend suggested I run a 10k with her in a few weeks. I've run this race before and it's my most recent PR for that distance, so my initial reaction was to completely avoid this race like the plague. Why go into a race knowing full well that I am not running at that pace and have no chance of beating/meeting that time? It would only bring disappointment and probably lots of pain. Then I thought about it for approximately 20 minutes and had the grand idea to train for the race and see how I could do. So when I got home that evening, in true me fashion, I google image searched 10k training plans, inserted myself about 4 weeks from the race date and mapped it all out in my calendar. I have a feeling this is going to go really well for me. Not. 


I was also watching Jeopardy because it's Tournament of Champions week and we are hella into it in this house. There's almost as much shouting as football games if that's any indication. Tuesday night was aerial, so Wednesday "training" began. 

11/18: 6 miles, 9:16 avg pace, 55:35 min. Easy Run

11/19: 3 miles, 7:44 avg pace, 23:11 min. Race Pace


6 miles felt nice because I knew it was supposed to be an easy pace, so I kept it chill and my breathing relaxed. 3 miles the next day was okay at first, but at about 2.25 it because very clear I don't usually run that pace for that long. It was hard, but it was fun in a way because it means I was working hard. Also, running faster means dinner comes sooner. PIZZA. 


The two plans I combined are both pretty fast considering what I have been averaging lately, but I mostly want to see how well I can stick to a schedule and run workouts with specific speed goals. I am of the run-all-runs-at-the-same-pace persuasion when it comes to training, more accurately the start-a-run-based-on-how-I-feel-and-finish-depending-on-how-hot-the-jams-are persuasion. I need to work to be safe and make sure I don't get injured since speedwork kind of freaks me out in that sense, but having such a short training period (3-4 weeks?) kind of limits the damage I can do, or at least I hope it does! 

Alright friends, let's get this Friday. Happy Almost Weekend!