Aerial 1/2 Recap: Garbage

Going into class on Tuesday night I had my usual nerves about how I was going to do and if I could remember everything we went over from the previous week. The nerves are lessening each week and the positive feelings are becoming the majority, but it's like a weekly test of my body to determine if what I did in the last 7 days helped or hindered my skills. I only ran twice so I was feeling a bit sluggish. I added pushups and V-ups about 3 times this week after both runs and once solo, but just picturing that 2x climb up the rope gets my forearms aching. If I can fit it into my budget in January, I am toying with the idea of adding some of the drop-in classes during the week to get a little extra gym time. I was perusing the schedule yesterday and saw one listed as Aerial Review for just an hour on Sundays with a pretty open format. Sounds like it could be what I'm looking for!

In class we reviewed: Straddle Climb, Hip Keys, Swim Climb, more Hip Keys, and then something I cannot remember and didn't really attempt but looked very complicated involving a hip key, catchers, some rope wrapping, and it will lead us into a Salto drop in the future. On trap we did lots of pullovers (mine need so much actually pulling work, it's embarrassing), Thread the Needle, Mermaid, Around the World, and more Front Balance and FB Beats.

This youtube is a good example of how our class works most of the time. Because of lack of memory, our coach spends a lot of time right below us just walking us through new combinations to make sure we have it. When left to my own devices I usually end up on the floor pretty quickly. Here is the Salto!


Overall I felt like garbage in class this week. Even my first round attempts were lacking strength and energy, and it took about halfway through the class before I really tried to start listening to my mental pep talks and get shit done. By then I was pretty tired and my arms felt especially drained so the results were not much better. I struggled to get a straddle climb, my body beats were droopy in the hips, and my hip keys in the air were messy. I was wracking my brain trying to determine what the problem was, I thought I had prepped pretty well this week. It hit me on the way home - Sugar. For the last 2-3 weeks I've been trying to cut out the candy and desserts at work and home to try and help my running and aerial efforts as well as clear up my skin. I still eat  stuff with added sugar at this point (clif bars, bread, builder bars) but some recent articles have me a bit freaked out. It's been hard but rewarding since my skin has been a bit happier and I wake up feeling a little less foggy (sort of). All this was going well until Dev's birthday Monday with some insane baklava and ice cream, as well another birthday at work with some very rare, very delicious pumpkin bars. I felt surprisingly okay right after eating them but the hangover to Tuesday sucked. I think I fueled up on really poor energy sources Monday and it may have contributed to my crap performance and super low energy in yesterday's class. Fingers crossed for better results in the next class!

Do you feel like a certain food group affects your running or aerial energy?

Any aerial/ist out there have any nutrition (or pullover) tips?