Capsule Wardrobe Update - Week 2/3

The capsule project has been going pretty well so far. I am still loving the ease of picking what to wear in the morning and seemingly less laundry. Here's are some selfies that still are not very good photographs, but there is at least one with a dog in it, so I think that's pretty great. 

I wear a lot of black. 


Oh yes, lots of black. 


Oh and some more dark colors and black.  


Oh what? Is that the same hat you ran a rainy half marathon in last weekend you ask?  Why yes, I am secretly disgusting at work. Please don't pay attention to the clothes basket, they are clean I swear. 


I am finding that this project is not as repetitive as I worried it would be. It's been 3 weeks and there are still several work outfit combos I have left to try. I am just wearing clothes I really like instead of weird uncomfortable permutations of my wardrobe that I'm trying to force into something awesome looking. Turns out I love black, black and white stripes, and warm sweaters. A lot of capsule reviews I've read mention that you immediately figure out your 'style' based on what you end up choosing and actually wearing. If that's true, stripes and black for a while sounds good to me!

The no-shopping challenge is not always fun, but I'm glad it's in effect since a couple unexpected expenses have popped up recently and it's nice not having guilt about not having enough cash on hand due to my inability to say no to clearance.

Overall still very happy to be trying this out.  

How is your weekend going so far?