Sunday Soggy 12

Saturday morning was a repeat of last week - woke up late, so tired and so warm in my bed, realized I could move my run to Sunday, continued to sleep. I recount everything that aches, has ached, or might hurt recently and can basically talk myself out of any Saturday long run now. This is not a talent I am proud of. This morning I got the great idea to run from my doorstep instead of driving to the lake and for some reason that did the trick getting me out the door. I also gave myself the option of finishing the run on the treadmill if things were not going well. Fortunately I did not have to do that, but sometimes I think giving myself some wiggle room really helps get things started. I usually avoid running from my house because of hills and stoplights. I deduced that the hills may be more manageable if I allowed myself the stoplights, so this also helped. Ultimately I didn't get stuck too many times and was able to run around some neighborhood streets to avoid them, but just giving myself that little leeway really seemed to help. I ran to our old neighborhood and back, almost to the International District with a great view of the city, for a total of 12 miles. Since I don't run with my camera, here is a borrowed picture.

 Stolen from  here . 

Stolen from here

11/1: 12.05 mi, 9:13 avg pace, 1:51:00 total time


Before leaving the house I rifled through my Stride Box archive for fuel to use and sadly found all of these past the expiration date. That's what you get for being consistently injured for the last year. Womp womp.



I landed on the Hammer Gel Peanut Butter and luckily even found a working water fountain at mile 7 to help wash the majority of it down. The flavor wasn't bad, I just have a hard time with the texture. Gu's seem to work though, and are a little easier to carry when I have limited pocket real estate. My hand was pretty sticky by the time I got home, but the downpour really helped mitigate that issue. I really enjoy running in the rain since I seem to overheat most of the time, but the wind on the way back was kind of a beast. I was happy for moving air (see overheating issue above) but I prefer it helping shove me up the hills not working against me.


Overall I'm glad I got out and ran when I did, rain and wind included. My left foot had some serious plantar pain going on around mile 9, so I made sure to roll it out with a golf ball when I got home. That plus some stretching, push-ups and V-ups, and now on to football. 12 miles for the 12th man! #gohawks