Capsule Wardrobe Project - Week 1

My first official week of the capsule wardrobe is complete! It's still not 100% following the rules, there are some shoes  that are questionable - I got some blisters last week from a pair of flats and added a pair of sneakers over the weekend. For the most part though I've severely pared down my closet, boxed it all up and packed it away. I still haven't made it to the consignment store or thrift store, but most what is packed is not long for this world. 

My overall feeling about the project? I am loving it. I wake up in the morning not at all worried about what I'm going to wear because what is hanging in my closet is all there is to choose from and I'm 85% sure that it goes together. I haven't become tired of any of the pieces yet because I haven't yet hit any repeats, thanks week 1. Also, another weird side effect? I feel like my laundry is way more under control. I don't know how this is happening. I have a suspicion I have a bad habit of trying on multiple outfits in the morning and tossing everything that doesn't work on the floor and abandoning it, thus it ends up in my laundry basket even though it's not dirty. Having a dresser and closet that are way easier to see and rifle through makes it that much easier to put things away, so clothes don't hangout on the floor or in the clean basket longer than they need to. I didn't snap pictures of all of my outfits this week because it's not a habit I've picked up yet, but I do have one of my favorite vintage coat that made the cut. Hopefully these will get better as this goes on! 



I realize you can't see any part of the outfit and it almost looks like I have no legs. Really, I hope my photo skills get better.