Pumpkin Runner

Yesterday's run was an easy paced 5 miler. I stuck around my neighborhood so there were some of the usual hills, but I tried to keep it even all the way up and down the monsters. I'm trying to enjoy these last few days/weeks of available daylight after work. 


10/7: 5.04 miles, 9:32 avg pace


It was a lovely fall evening, a little overcast but cool enough for long sleeves. So with my amazing fashion sense I wore my hunter orange shirt with black capris. That outfit plus my white hair and red face made a startling pumpkin like combination, but I wasn't hit by a car or accidentally shot, so I call it a win. I had to document it. 


One third of my home fan club greeted me at the door. The other fur baby was spinning too much to get caught in the picture. Also to note that I was wearing my Beat the Blerch half marathon finisher shirt even though that IS A TOTAL LIE. I ran a 10k that weekend but still got the half finisher shirt, so into the rotation of highly-visible clothing it goes! 

I successfully did my tiny core/arm routine I challenged myself to this week and I'm a little embarrassed by how long it took me to get through the V-ups. Fingers crossed those get better with time. My arms, back, shoulders, and hip flexors (weird) were sore from aerial, so maybe that had something to do with the struggle.  

Another run in the books! Hope you're having a good week so far!